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A Tamperla™ Blender Stick is much more than a multi-purpose, convenient tool in

For those of you who have a blender without a tamper, your blender probably barely even blends due to the air pockets formed. And you’ve probably used it less than 5 times in 5 years. We don’t blame you BUT we have to inform YOU! You’re missing out on the literally the worlds most versatile kitchen appliance.

For those who already know how amazing, versatile and life-changing a high-powered blender CAN BE, YOU KNOW THE JOURNEY AND FRUSTERATION. Heck, you may have fallen victim to falling off of the blending wagon, per say! After your first blend using a Tamperla™ Blender Stick, you’ll realize instantly that you’ve been missing a “taste-test” tool. Your blends will go from Hit-Or-Miss as you sip it out of a glass to “PERFECT How Ya Wanted IT”… There’s never been a way to “while blending, taste test the concoction to perfection” before serving, ALLOWING EVERY BLEND to be perfect.

What a pity when Mom gets home after spending $500 on the best blender and while needing to justify it, finds her first blend is a waste. Her second her blend comes out okay. And the third blend the children are already checking out, and she’s crying wolf AND PROMISING the 4th blend is amazing! Her next soup comes out only warm. OR there was a chunk of ice in that ice-cream.

Having the confidence in your FIRST blend to your LAST is everything you wanted it to be…And is the difference in truly getting your moneys worth! It’s like buying a NEW car and the air conditioner doesn’t work, and it’s a hot day! Yes, you’re grateful for the car BUT YOU DESERVE a working A/C! If you have a Vitamix®, a Blendtec® and so forth,- you invested a large amount of money, and YOU DESERVE concoctions to come out tasty WITHOUT HAVING TO BECOME A “FOOD WASTING” Learn-Over-Time-GURU. You deserve to be an instant, BlendHERO! Someone the kids beg for the blend! Friends and even coworkers will beg for your RECIPE! No joke, do it right, and this will happen! Why would they request Dairy Queen when you are both the King and Queen of Dairy, Sorbet, shakes and smoothies! But, the smoothies need to come out RIGHT to get them on the blending wagon! And the TASTE-TEST Scoop ensures you don’t UNDER BLEND or OVER-BLEND! Not too sweet? Adjust with sweetener. Too sweet? Add liquid. Gritty Smoothie? Run longer. Every sip out of the taste-test Scoop tells you EXACTLY what to do next, not the recipe book! Easily taste-test and adjust! Heck, and this (Test-Taste Scoop Feature) is just the FIRST of many built-in TOOLS!

For those who don’t quite understand us blending and foodie nerds, health nuts, and so forth: don’t make fun because you’ll soon wonder why you didn’t get started earlier! When you make MOUTH WATERING FOODS AND DRINKS, at a fraction of the cost of anywhere you can buy, and YOU start to realize they not only taste good, but MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER, you’ll PROUDLY JOIN OUR CLUB!

A Tamperla™ Blender Stick unleashes the full potential of ANY blender, making it the world’s most versatile appliance, ever, allowing you to do things you’ve never dreamt imaginable. Take the things you already love and make them natural. Save time, money and PROTECT YOUR FAMILY’S PRECIOUS HEALTH while doing it!!

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