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Chia seeds, superfood supplements, protein powders and many more kitchen ingredients are many times measured in servings of 1 tablespoon! This scoop was engineered to measure exactly 1 tablespoon to compliment one of the most common measurements when baking and blending! When it comes to blending, the unit being within the stick adds convenience and cleanliness. For example, with protein powder, your Tamperla™ can slip through the container hole AND drop the powder in while the machine is blending, allowing it to be mixed instantly and safely. That also means no powder gets left behind on top of the container, where a standard protein scoop is too big to fit into the hole and leaves a mess. Additionally, no powder gets “caked” on within the container (compared to dropping in protein when the machine is off). 
Almost halfway down a very shallow engraved line exists to represent a full teaspoon. Lightly embossed on each stick is the mark TSP and TBSP to serve as subtle reminders .

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