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The scoop has proven to be one of the most highlighted and versatile parts of the Tamperla™ blender stick. This is due to it including 2 measurements (TSP and TBSP), the squeegee end, along with performing as a scoop by itself. There has never been a more safe and convenient way to test concoctions and consistencies before finishing the blend. Take a sip out of the scoop to taste test your soup or simply check consistencies. Drop in supplements into the machine, then scoop the mixture out. Though there’s definitely plenty of benefits with a blender, we also can’t ignore the amount of versatility in the kitchen disregarding the use of blenders. We’ve used our own scoop to stir soup on the stove, take avocado off the skin, stir wok, and even get jelly and jams scooped out of a deep container that had only a little left.definitely

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